Tara Weinstein

Swing Dance: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa

0710_YSBD_by John Abbott

Tara was born in Montreal (yes, she is both Canadian and American, although she says neither “eh” nor “aboot”), grew up in Toronto, and moved to Providence in 2000 (yes, she is American too), then to New York City in 2010. Although she studied ballet for years as a child, she stopped “officially” dancing for quite a while until a friend of hers invited her to a swing dance benefit, and she has been addicted ever since. She served on the Board of Directors for Providence Swings from 2005–2010, where she taught every level of Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Balboa. Now in NYC and on staff at You Should Be Dancing...!, she has also taught at Boston Tea Party, Beantown Camp, Lindy Focus, Smorgasbord, and a variety of other workshops and venues throughout the Northeast.

Always blessed (or cursed?) with an excess of energy, Tara is a high school physics teacher and debate coach at Dwight-Englewood by day, and, when not dancing (which is not that often), she can be found knitting (check out her design published in The Urban Knitter), writing, acting, hiking, talking, eating, or playing in the snow.

(Parce qu'elle est née à Montreal, elle parle aussi français, alors il est possible d'apprendre a dancer dans votre langue de choix!)

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